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New Liberty Distillery Experiments In Pennsylvania Terroir With New Bourbon

Philadelphia’s New Liberty Distillery recently announced the release its 100% Pennsylvanian Bloody Butcher Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

A statement from the distillery notes that this is the first of its kind, and the heritage-rich spirit is an experiment in Pennsylvanian terroir.

The whiskey is aged in Pennsylvania white oak barrels for two years and made with heritage grains, including Pennsylvania-grown Bloody Butcher corn, malted rye, and malted barley.

New Liberty 100% Pennsylvanian Bloody Butcher

Philadelphia’s New Liberty Distillery recently announced the release its 100% Pennsylvanian Bloody Butcher Straight Bourbon Whiskey. (image via New Liberty)

It’s designed to celebrate the state’s early agricultural heritage and landscape by celebrating its namesake Bloody Butcher varietal corn, known for its striking red hue.

Sourced from Castle Valley Mill in Doylestown, PA, located 25 miles from New Liberty Distillery in Philadelphia, the low yield, flavorful corn is combined with malted rye and barley from Deer Creek Malthouse.

Robert Cassell is the owner and master distiller of New Liberty Distillery, as well as CEO of Millstone Spirits. He said they are committed to bringing Pennsylvania back to the forefront of bourbon and whiskey prominence, and this recent rendition of Bloody Butcher Bourbon joins Bloody Butcher Sour Mash, released earlier this year.

“I’m thrilled to release the 100% Pennsylvanian because it’s the most authentic celebration of our region’s agricultural heritage,” he said. “It’s a rare opportunity to trace all components of a whiskey, especially the source of the barrel wood, back to one location. We’re very proud to partner with local collaborators like Deer Creek Malthouse, Castle Valley Mill, and our barrel source, Tonnellerie Nadalie Cooperage.”

Traditionally, barrels are created with American oak sourced from all over country, but mostly from Kentucky, Missouri, or Virginia. The 100% Pennsylvanian Bloody Butcher Bourbon was aged entirely in Pennsylvanian American white oak casks from Tonnellerie Nadalie Cooperage, whose barrel mill is located in Kittanning, PA.

Tonnellerie Nadalie Cooperage sources its wood from the Western Pennsylvania forests, where American white oak trees flourish.

The soil composition in Pennsylvania varies with sandstone, shale, and limestone, and this unique terroir imparts minerality, spice, moderate smokiness, and subtle notes of coconut and clove into the wood. It has tannins similar to those found in French oak casks.

Charred with a medium toast, the Pennsylvanian white oak releases an intense aromatic complexity and fruit-forward palette.

The distiller noted that this culmination of Pennsylvanian agriculture lends itself to a balanced flavor of whiskey with notes of toasted marshmallow, butter, dried wood, chocolate malt, and dark stone fruit.

The straight bourbon whiskey is made from a base of 70% Bloody Butcher corn from Castle Valley Mill and 27% malted rye and 3% malted barley from Deer Creek Malthouse. The spirit carries aromatic notes of tree sap, brown sugar, and raisins.

When sipped neat, the palate features notes of freshly lit bonfire, earth and toasted marshmallow that leads to a finish of spiced stone fruit and chocolate malt.

The 100% Pennsylvanian Bloody Butcher Straight Bourbon Whiskey is available for shipping across Pennsylvania, and for pickup on-site in the New Liberty Distillery bottle shop in Reading, PA.

It’s available in a 200mL size (47.5% ABV / 95 proof) for $24.99 and a 750mL size (55.25% ABV / 110 proof) for $69.99.

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