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Newly Launched Boozy Bottles For Festive Cheers

The festive season starting from Christmas to New Year calls for the grandest celebrations. And the chilled winter climate outside demands a bit of warmth to the revelry with boozy drinks. From the good old rum, Bourbon, brandy, and whiskey to classy wines, champagnes and vodka, there is an endless option to quench the parched soul. Responding to patrons’ needs, the intoxicating beverage-producing players have introduced an array of exciting products. Here we have collated a list that includes the latest launch to pander to the festive sips.  

If rock, paper, scissors has been your favourite game, then we have something similar to whirl-up memories. In this case, scissors get replaced by rum. Ring in 2023 with this solid drink, Rock Paper Rum. Keep it in your bar to host a party like a pro, or gift it to a rum lover. RPR can get you covered in myriad ways. Muddle up as zesty Rocktails, or devour it straight up with some ice. The highlight of RPR is its preparations. It includes locally-procured sugarcane, which has a fine blending with rare and exotic botanicals. It is available in two varieties. The Indian Spiced Rum is an original recipe made in small batches. This handcrafted triple-distilled golden rum has an oaky tune and a rare blend of botanicals underneath. It can be best enjoyed sipping on the rocks or spicing up dark liquor cocktails. The Coastal White Rum is refreshingly woody & sweet with a hint of vanilla!


The Indian Spiced Rum Rs1500 for 750 ml

Coastal White Rum Rs. 1350 for 750 ml

Consilium Black Whisky

Launched in two variations, Consilium Black Blended Rye Malt Whisky and Consilium Black Blended Cigar Malt Whisky are artistically crafted to showcase distinctive aromas and taste profiles. They create unique sensory experiences for the consumers curated by their Chief Brand Strategist- Rojita Tiwari, also known as Drinks & Destinations. Rye Malt and Cigar Malt whiskies are first-of-its-kind in the country. Over the years, India has seen demand for well-crafted blended whiskies. While many options are available for consumers, Rye whisky remains an unexplored segment. Consilium Rye Malt is a unique and unconventional blend of Scotch and German Rye.

Pomona’s Chocolate Wine

Chocolate flavour wine

For wine lovers, the holiday season gets better with a drink that blends chocolate and wine to bring exotic flavours. Pomona’s wines are handcrafted, and premium quality Fruit flavoured Wines will awaken your senses of touch, sight, smell, taste and feel. The designer labels have hand-drawn depictions of the taste presented in the wine. Pomona’s has a base of classic wine and an added oomph of natural flavours. It is unique and versatile as it can be had in its purest form or can be made into delicious cocktails and Sangrias. Among its various exquisite flavours, such as mango, and strawberry, the latest one, i.e., chocolate, is a perfect pick for the holiday season and New Year gift. This particular one is Maharashtra’s very first, one-of-a-kind Chocolate flavoured wine. This dark reddish-brown drink features the taste of delightfully roasted cocoa beans with an impressive, rich and creamy palate. The lingering aftertaste will give you the festive feel in a bottle.

Price: Rs.550/- (750ml)

Available across Maharashtra and Goa

Trouvaille Craft Gin

Gin – a drink known for its peculiarity and aftertaste has always had the heart of liquor connoisseurs wrapped around it. Keeping in pace, there’s another new one on the block. The Trouvaille craft gin is known for its unusual taste and as the best blend for fancy cocktails. Trouvaille craft gin produces small-batch, artisanal gins using only the finest ingredients and botanical elements that further make the final product smooth and perfectly balanced. Crafting its liquor from French spirits, the brand strives to create a unique drink for its customers. Trouvaille’s gin dominates the connoisseurs’ taste buds and exquisitely expands their liquor consumption horizons. It is almost as if the gin lovers are charmed by its rarity. 


Like the name, this premium whisky is meant to enamour its patrons. Yaksha is infused with the extracts of the mystical Soma plant, with premium Scotch from the highlands of Scotland. This alcoholic beverage is a rich melange of the finest grain spirits that India has to offer, and supreme quality malt and Scotch that is 5 years aged in first-fill Bourbon barrels made of American Oak. The whisky is charcoal filtered to create a refined texture for that perfect smoky finish. The blend represents a fine mix of Ancient Indian treasures with a contemporary awakening. Every sip will highlight the soft smokiness and hints of honey and dates that transport consumers to a realm of mischief, exploration and celebration.

Sober Spiced Rum

Sober spiced rum bottle

It’s time to make toast as the holiday spirit fills the air. What if you could have a drink and not become drunk the next day? Sober’s Spiced Rum offers the enjoyment of a classic spirit without calories, side effects, and other drawbacks. It is India’s first non-alcoholic distilled rim and is produced in small quantities. This first-of-its-kind beverage is every social drinker’s dream come true, giving them an extraordinary replacement to regular alcoholic beverage. Sober is also the solution to every non-drinker’s woes- giving them the same delightful experience. The flavours are rustic, smoky and spiced. This one contains the spicy and tropical notes of vanilla, pineapple, cocoa beans, and clove in addition to pepper, nutmeg, tulsi, cardamom seeds, ashwagandha, angelica roots, gondhoraj lemon peels, arjuna, Nagpur orange peels, and green tea. It’s the perfect complement to your bar as it’s spicy, smooth, and guilt-free! Sober Rum pays homage to all Sugarcane Farmers. Each bottle’s sales revenue will go toward promoting environmentally friendly farming methods.

Price: Rs.1499

Shori Double Malt Whisky

This unique whisky by Boutique Spirit Brands is made with two types of malt, giving it a rich, full flavour. With a smooth, mellow taste perfect for sipping, its unique flavour profile is the result of a careful blend of barley malt, gingerbread, tropical fruits, black pepper, and roasted chestnut. The malt provides a foundation of sweetness, while the gingerbread and tropical fruits add a touch of spice. The black pepper and roasted chestnut round out the flavour with their distinctively earthy notes. Shori’s unique ingredients bound in an exquisite recipe makes for a delightful drink that can be enjoyed by whisky lovers from all over the world.

Short Story Grain Vodka

Grain Vodka

Short Story Grain Vodka (SSGV) is a grain spirit that has been triple-distilled and charcoal-filtered. Absolute purity and grain flavour are guaranteed by the vodka’s charcoal filtering. This beverage attempts to provide a robust, clean, and well-balanced spirit that can compete with some of the most well-known brands.

Price: Rs.1650 (Price: Maharashtra), Rs. 1950 (Karnataka) and Rs. 1050 (Goa)


In a milestone partnership with AB InBev India, D’YAVOL presents its first offering – an ultra-premium black pearl-filtered Vodka. It is a single-estate drink made entirely of winter wheat that combines heritage and high quality. D’YAVOL Vodka is a smooth, well-balanced spirit with a delicate flavour profile; it stands out because of its distinctive taste. The brand has refined its liquid by utilising black pearls and the required charcoal column filtration method to give an unrivalled smoothness. The unique production cycle from grain to glass adds an unmatched spirit of purity. This vodka has been introduced in numerous foreign countries, including India.

Short Story Dry Gin

Dry gin by Short Story

Likewise, for gin lovers, a new addition is Short Story Dry Gin. It is a conventional, pot-distilled, 11-botanical blend of London dry gin. Bitter orange, juniper, coriander, lemon, grapefruit, long pepper, cubeb berries, hazelnut, anjelica, black cardamom, and star anise are a few of the unusual flavours. On the palate, it has a solid and lively citrus and juniper base. 

Price: Rs.1850 (Price: Maharashtra), Rs. 1950 (Karnataka) and Rs. 1050 (Goa)

Plantation 3 Stars

An arty drink

A sophisticated blend of matured and unaged rums from Jamaica, Trinidad, and Barbados make up 3 Stars. Trinidad contributes refinement, Jamaica offers an assertive structure, and Barbados offers a rich and well-balanced taste. The final product undergoes color-removal filtering to produce a white rum with a smooth flavour that mixes well with your cocktails. A rum ideal for daiquiris.

Price: Rs. 2,985 (Goa) and Rs.3,400 (Mumbai)

Stranger & Sons Gin

A bottle of Strange & Sons Gin

Stranger & Sons Gin comes from Third Eye Distillery, distilled in Goa! It is an Indian-origin brand that aims to introduce well-made Indian gin mainly employing locally procured ingredients to the niche Indian sector. A variety of Indian citrus peels, including Gondhoraj limes from Calcutta, which resemble a cross between a lime and a mandarin orange, are also used in the botanicals, along with homegrown pepper, lemon, and coriander. There is no waste because leftover citrus is given back to the local source to be transformed into pickles or cordials.

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