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Ranking The 25 Most Likely Candidates To Beat Roman Reigns And Take His Titles

I thought Drew McIntyre was going to be the guy. I thought Clash At The Castle was going to be his British Bulldog moment, and I thought we’d go off the air with an iconic celebration image that would live forever in every highlight reel celebrating the Scottish Warrior. Nope. It wasn’t meant to be. Roman Reigns extended his more than two year run with the Universal Championship and added another great moment to his already stacked resume.

I’m happy for Roman Reigns. He’s been the biggest star in wrestling for the last two years, and if you’re the biggest star, you should carry the belt most of the time. I know that seems obvious, but it certainly hasn’t always played out that way in WWE over the past few decades. So, good for Roman.

But at some point, he’s still going to need to lose. WWE can’t keep — in my opinion — both the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship on someone who has publicly said he’s taking a step back. And besides that, there are just too many other good guys who are ready to step into the role. Part of being a champion is being on television most weeks. So, let’s go over the contenders and talk out the 25 most likely people to take the title off Roman Reigns…

Montez Ford looks shocked after a near fall.

(Image credit: WWE)

25. Montez Ford

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