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Royal Salute Unveils Cask Programme to Global Markets

Mathieu Deslandes, the global marketing director of Royal Salute

Prestige whisky brand Royal Salute presents a new concept of whisky comparable to its reputation. The ‘Royal Salute Cask Programme’ will be unveiled to the global market as well as the Korean market for whisky lovers and investors who recognize the heritage of Scotch whisky and the aesthetics of time.

The Royal Salute Cask Programme is a program that selects 21 rare casks finished in a unique single cask among Royal Salute’s casks and allows the purchase of the entire cask. The cask selected through the Cask Programme is bottled into 200 to 300 bottles and composed into a customized package that reflects personal taste, boasting high scarcity value as your own personal one-of-a-kind whisky in the world.

Until now, Royal Salute has led the Scotch whisky market by introducing innovative products based on advanced whisky maturing technology and blending know-how. This Cask Programme has also been introduced to respond to a new type of whisky culture that has value as art and investment, not as just a culture of enjoying and gifting whisky.

Strathisla Distillery, the home of Royal Salute

BusinessKorea (BK) met with Mathieu Deslandes, the global marketing director of Royal Salute, to talk about the “Royal Salute Cask Programme,” where you can lead a more advanced whisky culture and experience the dignity of Scotch whisky on a different level.

BK: As the whisky market is generally booming in Korea, interest in the prestige whisky market is high. Among them, what do you think is the differentiated attraction of Royal Salute?

Deslandes: Royal Salute was first inspired by a passion for tradition and born as a tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and it is truly unlike any other whisky. The brand is crafted with a desire for perfection and we are constantly working to push the boundaries of creativity with innovative new partnerships and launches whilst honoring our rich heritage.

For Royal Salute to stay relevant, especially to a new generation of luxury consumers and whisky lovers, we understand how important it is to blend our audience’s desires with our brand values of delivering exceptionally crafted and aged blended Scotch. We are always looking for new ways to connect with consumers, to ensure that anyone sharing our passion for innovation and contemporary creativity can be a part of our enchanting brand world. We have a lot of new and exciting projects in the pipeline for Royal Salute, which we can’t wait to share!

BK: Please explain in detail about Royal Salute Cask program.

Deslandes: Debuting this year in the first launch of its kind, the Royal Salute Cask Programme gives whisky enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase an entire cask directly from Royal Salute’s incredible inventory. In the programme, Royal Salute intends to have special collected 21 casks available for purchase, with new ones released annually. As with all Royal Salute expressions, each whisky used to create the blends contained in these casks has been carefully selected and looked after by our expert Master Blender Sandy Hyslop, all matured for a minimum of 21 years. These casks have been chosen as some of the rarest and most unique, making them an ideal fit for the Cask Programme, released only when they are deemed by Sandy to have reached their prime.

BK: How was the Royal Salute Cask Programme created and managed?

Deslandes: The Royal Salute Cask Programme was born out of a desire to create the ultimate offering for whisky lovers. Upon purchase, the buyer will choose the undiluted blend of your own style and then be able to personalize every detail of the flagon (bottle) and boxes for bottling of their cask, from the color to the embellishments and patterns. All these casks contain unique blends that have been expertly crafted by our Master Blender, Sandy Hyslop, who has personally monitored these casks over the years and they are released only when he believes they have reached their prime.

BK: The Royal Salute Cask Programme seems to be quite impressive. Which consumers do you usually have in mind?

Deslandes: Given the uniqueness and rarity of these casks, we have a Prestige Whisky lover, as well as a whisky collector who considers gift or collection of the world’s only whisky, an art collector who appreciates the artistic value of high-end arithmetic and blending, and whisky investors.

The Royal Salute Vault

BK: Please introduce Maison Le Cercle. What programs are you preparing for the future?

Deslandes: Maison Le Cercle is a private membership club for VIP members, created by Pernod Ricard and other luxury partners. As a social platform for VIPs who love Prestige liquor and culture and art, operated only by invitation and reservation. From tasting classes to help you understand various prestige liquors, events with cultural and art experts, and brand parties hosted by various partners, we provide one-on-one personalized service to meet the needs of each member and provide a memorable experience.

BK: Is there anything you want to say to Korean consumers who are paying attention to high-end whisky?

Deslandes: The art of blending exceptionally aged Scotch whisky is at the heart of the Royal Salute and a true skill that we have been perfecting since the brand inception in 1953. While we are proud of our rich heritage and authenticity, we continue to evolve in a modern world to launch new contemporary editions in new, creative and ambitious forms, designed to resonate with the whisky lovers of yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is as important to recognize future growth as it is to consider the rich history of a brand and marrying the two is something we pay particular attention to.

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