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Sarah Logan (Sarah Rowe) Might Have Just Made WWE Return on SmackDown

During a rather action-packed WWE SmackDown, the Viking Raiders celebrated their latest wins over The New Day by holding a Viking Funeral for them, which had them burning New Day’s t-shirt and a box of Booty-Os. The funeral would have been noteworthy in and of itself, but one particular aspect of it has become the most talked about topic. During the Viking Funeral, a mysterious figure is seen ever so briefly and their back is turned the whole time, but many have taken to social media to say that the figure is actually Sarah Rowe, aka Sarah Logan, and if so it would be the latest in a series of WWE returns. You can find the full video and judge for yourself in the post below.

In the video, the person does have similar hair to Logan’s previous look in WWE, and Logan would certainly be a great fit for the Raider’s whole vibe. It also fits with Triple H’s recent pattern of bringing back former WWE stars he believes in. We’ll have to wait and see if this is eventually confirmed next week, but it certainly is interesting.

Rowe was released back in April of 2020, but then made a one-off return to the ring when she was a surprise entrant in the 2022 Royal Rumble. This latest appearance (if it is indeed her) could be the first step in a full-on return to the ring, but that remains to be seen. In a previous blog post, Rowe revealed how her surprise appearance in the Royal Rumble came about and what it was like jumping back into the ring.

“The moment I received the phone call that I would be an entrant in the 2022 Royal Rumble my whole body became warm. It had been so long since I wrestled that a sliver of doubt came creeping in, accompanied with excitement, and relief. I was doubtful that my body was the same and would preform like I needed it to. I was excited that I was going to be in front of the crowd again. And I was relieved that I seemed to still be relevant in the world of wrestling. So many emotions to be feeling in the aisle of your local butcher shop, while your husband is looking at you with a confused smile on his face and a baby trying to physically fight him in his arms. I was wanted and I was needed. And that felt good,” Rowe wrote.

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