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Some of the best deals on beer, champagne, whiskey, and other booze this Black Friday

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  • There are a couple of booze retailers we can count on every year to offer deep Black Friday discounts, either to build their brand or to draw unwary shoppers to less-good deals.
  • Historical contenders are Checkers Liquor Shop, Ultra Liquors, Pick n Pay Liquor, Shoprite Liquor, Makro, and Game, all of which are typically worth a look on Black Friday.
  • Here are some of the best deals we’ve seen so far on the big favourites among beer, whisky, and other types of booze.
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In 2018 there was a silent price war over a R650,000 bottle of whisky. In 2019, we found bottles of Amstel and Castle for an effective R8.33 each. Things got a little weird during the height of the pandemic, but this year, retailers told us, they plan to be back with a bang.

And, in some cases, we’ve found that to be true.

Some Black Friday discount claims can be a downright scam, but South Africans are notoriously hard to fool about the price of their favourite booze. There is also fierce brand competition between the big retailers, and they have another incentive to offer genuinely deep headline discounts: people stocking up before Christmas are more likely than average to try something new or different on impulse – something that can be more profitably priced.

So if you are shopping in-store for any of the really good deals, be weary of the promotions closer to the entrance and tills, rather than the ones at the back of the store that you were looking for in the first place.

Here are our favourite deals on beer, whisky, and other booze for Black Friday 2022.

Beer: there is cheap Castle Lite, if you buy enough, and Shoprite looks good on Windhoek

Castle Lite 500ml cans are R13.33 each as long as you spend R320 for a case at Game. If you want the 330ml bottle and you’ll shell out R200 for a case of 24, that’ll come to R8.33 per bottle.

Pick n Pay will go lower than that – if you are planning a bigger party. If you want two cases and have a Smart Shopper card, PnP will ask you R389 for a total of 48 bottles, or R8.10 each

For the 440ml version of Windhoek Draught, Game wants R385 for a case, which comes to R16.04 per unit. But the Shoprite liquor store will sell you just 12 for R190, which comes to R15.83 each. If you’re going for the 24, though, Ultra Liquor comes to R12.08 per can.

Whisky, bourbon, and brandy: get you Klipdrift at Game, the Jack at Checkers or Shoprite, and Johnnie at Makro

There are a lot of specials on Klipdrift Premium brandy. The cheapest we’ve seen on the 750ml bottle is R198 at Game, coming in a full R1 cheaper than stable-mate chain Makro. You’ll pay more than R200 elsewhere, topping out at R220 at Shoprite.

If you are going American, pricing is also in a tight band. For the standard 750ml Jack Daniels sour mash, both Checkers and Shoprite are charging R260 per bottle, while Game and Makro both want R270.

On the Scotch side, Makro is hard to beat, though. For Johnnie Walker Black Label, the 12-year-old, Makro comes in at R309 as opposed to the R319 of Game. You’ll pay nearly R400 everywhere else.

Sparking and champagne: lots of competition on JC Le Roux

Pick n Pay thinks you will pay R85 for a bottle of JC Le Roux Le Domaine – but will cut that to R57.50 each if you buy two with a Smart Shopper card. If you really need just one, you can get it at Makro for R59, and that is also the Ultra Liquor price. And if you are buying two, you are slightly better off at the Checkers Liquor Shop, at R55 each.

If the bottle absolutely has to say “champagne”, you can get a Bollinger Special Cuvee for R1,130 from the Checkers Liquor Shop. Of you can pay about 12% less, online only, at Makro.

This article tracks pricing and availability, which are subject to rapid change on Black Friday. We do not list products known to be sold out, and pricing is correct at publication, but we can’t guarantee either. Come back for updates during Black Friday 2022.

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