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Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake – Where To Find Gold Underwear & Spatulas | Upgrade Locations Guide

Be the best Sponge you can be.

Some of the rarest collectibles in Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake are Gold Underwear and Gold Spatulas. These hard-to-find upgrades give Spongebob more power — the Gold Underwear gives you +1 HP permanently. Gold Underwear is the most useful upgrade in the game, and you can find them on your first playthrough. Just one or two extra hits make the trickier battles so, so much easier. If you want to power up your favorite sponge-based lifeform, here’s where to find all the extra collectible upgrades.

Gold Underwear & Gold Spatula Locations | Upgrades Guide

Gold Underwear gives Spongebob a +1bonus to his maximum health. This is a permanent bonus. Gold Underwear is extremely rare, so grab it whenever you can.

Gold Underwear #1: Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom, Paparazzi Street – On the long street with the coffee bowl cafe, climb onto the rooftops on the right side. Before the cafe, use a Karate Kick to jump across the street to a tower with two small platforms.

Gold Underwear #2: Medieval Sulfur Fields, Castle Courtyard – Found inside the blacksmith shop. The shop is blocked by stone tiki crates. To get inside, climb the tower or outer wall and look at the section of wall directly behind the shop. Drop down to find a small ledge. Break through the tiki crates to get inside and get +1 HP. You can destroy the stone blocks with the explosive crates inside the shop.

Gold Spatula #1: Wild West Jellyfish Fields, Riding School – In Ms. Puff’s Riding School, go to her crashed cart and bounce off the top. It’s to the left of the front of the school. Follow the rock path to floating tiki crates — hop up and onto the tall rock platform to get this spatula.

Gold Spatula #2: Back Alley – In the area where Spongebob first learns the Karate Kick, smash the tiki crates in the blue trailer to discover this valuable spatula.

Gold Spatula #3: Pirate Goo Lagoon, Musical Mermaid – On the quest to help Captain Krabs, you’ll reach an area with pink rings that give you a burst of speed. Early in this area, you’ll reach an island with a tall pillar to the left. Use the floating tiki crates to reach the top and collect a Gold Spatula. This is the same island with the singing mermaid side-quest.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake_20230118220957

Gold Spatula #3: Prehistoric Kelp Forest, Algae Jungle – Reach the long passage with magma far below, where Spongebob has to jump across venus flytraps. Halfway across, you’ll see a jump-pad on the left with this spatula. Glide to it to grab it!

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Gold Spatula #4: Medieval Sulfur Fields, Meanderson River – Located on a high rock ledge in the enemy arena near the fourth Pro-Aging Cream location. RIght next to the fourth Pro-Aging Cream, look left into the arena. You can glide down from the log onto a high ledge, then jump across a small gap with a floating tiki crate to grab this spatula.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake_20230120173732

Gold Spatula #5: Halloween Rock Bottom, Shadow Theater – Climb the blow-up platforms to the left of the Shadow Theater, then swing across the fishhook to reach a rooftop with this gold spatula, located on the building to the left of the Shadow Theater building itself.

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