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Steph Curry Has The Whole World Believing He Made 5 Consecutive Full Court Heaves Which Further Proves His Greatness

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Steph Curry is currently having what you could argue is the best season of his career. As good as he was in his unanimous MVP season, he’s been playing at an even higher level in 2022-23. Frankly, while being awesome to watch, it’s almost like enough already. We get it. You’re a Basketball God. Just chill out already and leave some for the rest of us.

Which is why when this video hit the internet tonight, we all collectively said the same thing

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I mean what the hell. What did I just watch? The first thing you have to do when you see anything like this on the internet is assume it’s fake. Nobody wants to get JMac’d. It was originally tweeted out by SI to promote some story they’re doing with Steph so immediately my Spidey-senses started going off that this was all CGI or something. We’ve seen those type of videos hit the timeline before. 

so it’s only natural to be skeptical when one of these comes out. What makes it great is you could totally make the argument that Steph is actually capable of doing this. If anyone on the planet could make 5 consecutive full court heaves it’s probably Steph. The fact that even that sliver of potential exists is why it’s a great video, but I’m not ready to accept that I live in a world where something like that is actually possible. I refuse to allow it. I’m already dealing with the fact that Steph ripped my heart out and shoved it down my throat just 6 months ago, I’m not ready to also deal with shit like this. No thank you.

That’s why I’m saying fake. Good job good effort but you’re not fooling me. We live in a society where there are certain rules, and one of those rules is that nobody is able to do what that video suggests. 

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