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Gold has reduced its rating on Gold Fields (NYSE:GFI).

In a research note that was published on Saturday, the equity research analysts at lowered their recommendation for Gold Fields (NYSE: GFI), moving it from “buy” to “hold” in the recommendation section of the note.

BMO Capital Markets upgraded their rating on Gold Fields from “market perform” to “outperform,” and they raised their price objective on the company’s stock from $10.50 to $11.50 in a research note published on November 23rd. This was separate news from the previous announcement. In addition, there is one research analyst who suggests purchasing the stock, three additional analysts who suggest maintaining the current holdings of the stock, and two research specialists who suggest selling the stock. The “Hold” recommendation is what most users on have given as their opinion regarding Gold Fields, and the website’s current price target for the company is $13.40.
On Friday, the price at which trading on the NYSE GFI got underway was $10.48. The price of gold can fluctuate significantly over a year, moving anywhere from $7.03 to $17.20. Over the last fifty days, the company’s share price has traded at $9.91, while over the last two hundred days, it has traded at $9.16.
In the most recent few months, several well-known shareholders have revised the percentages of ownership in the company they currently hold. During the third quarter of the current fiscal year, Caprock Group Inc. increased the percentage of Gold Fields stock owned by 11.6%. The most recent fiscal quarter saw CAPROCK Group Inc. acquire 1,245 additional shares of the company’s stock, bringing the total number of shares directly owned by the company to 12,008, with a value of $97,000. This brings the total number of shares directly owned by the company to 12,008. During the second quarter of this year, Captrust Financial Advisors increased the percentage of Gold Fields stock owned by 100.8%. The most recent quarter saw Captrust Financial Advisors purchase an additional 1,376 shares. This brings the total number of shares that they own in the company to 2,741, with a combined market value of $25,000. During the third quarter of the current fiscal year, Ethic, Inc. increased the percentage of Gold Fields stock owned by 5.3%. Ethic, Inc. has increased its total number of shares in the company by 1,453 since the beginning of this quarter, bringing the total number of shares it owns to 28,671, which are currently valued at $232,000.00. During the first three months of the year, Sequoia Financial Advisors LLC accumulated 5.7% more Gold Fields shares than previously. Following the purchase of 1,566 additional shares during the most recent quarter, Sequoia Financial Advisors LLC now owns 29,016 shares, valued at $449,000. Sequoia Financial Advisors LLC is a limited liability company (as of the last report). And as a final point of interest, Aigen Investment Management LP successfully added 7.7 percent more Gold Fields shares to its portfolio during the third quarter. Following the acquisition of an additional 1,690 shares during the most recent quarter, Aigen Investment Management LP now holds 23,703 shares of the corporation’s stock in its portfolio. The holdings of these shares by Aigen Investment Management LP have a value of $192,000 (23,703 shares). At present, institutions own a total of 28.41% of the company’s shares.

Gold Fields Limited is a producer of gold with operations in Chile, South Africa, Ghana, West Africa, Australia, and Peru. Other countries in which the company does business include Ghana and West Africa. The company’s operations also serve other parts of Africa, such as West Africa and South Africa. In addition, the company is looking into the availability of potential copper resources. It has access to mineral resources totaling 111.8 million ounces and gold mineral reserves totaling 48.6 million ounces. In addition, it owns an interest in nine working mines that produce a combined total of 2.34 million ounces of gold equivalent each year.

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