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Sweet and Boozy: ice cream for kids, booze flavor for adults | Where NOLA Eats

Kids with sweet tooths and adults who prefer their desserts a little boozy can all have their way at Freret Street’s newest ice-cream shop. 

Sweet and Boozy caters to the entire family with its unique, dual flavor menu and over-the-top presentations. 

On one end, there are classics like cookie dough, butter pecan and sweet vanilla. On the other, there are alcohol-infused flavors like chocolate caramel cognac, peanut butter whiskey and red raspberry chardonnay.

All the flavors can be ordered by the scoop in a cup or cone, but the real fun comes with the custom thundercups (loaded sundaes) and thundershakes (loaded milkshakes). The thundercups feature a large scoop of ice cream with full sized toppings like Oreo cookies, cheesecake slices and s’mores. All are topped with house-made whipped cream and flavored syrups. The thundershakes follow a similar recipe, except the ice cream is blended for a milkshake, topped with fixings and finished with a jumbo straw. 

Strawberry cheesecake Sweet and Boozy

Strawberry cheesecake sensation thundercup with sweet strawberry ice-cream with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, graham cracker dust, strawberry drizzle and a slice of cheesecake at Sweet and Boozy. (Staff Photo by Jabez Berniard)

During my visit I tried two kid-friendly thundercups: the cotton candy explosion (crazy cotton candy ice cream, cotton candy and lollipops) and strawberry cheesecake sensation (sweet strawberry ice cream with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, graham cracker dust, strawberry drizzle and a slice of cheesecake). Both were large enough share. 

I also ordered a “pucker punch” from the boozy menu. The thundercup was made with tequlia flavored ice cream with sour candy confetti. 

Sweet and Boozy is a small chain that also has locations in Florida, Texas and Nevada. Since opening in New Orleans last month, the shop has been well received by customers, according to store operator Chris McMillian. 

“We didn’t have anything like this down here,” McMillian said. “I knew it was something that would be popular in the area.”

The shop is located in the Freret Street corridor alongside other food, drink and shopping options. It’s also just a few minutes walk from Loyola and Tulane universities. 

Eggnog at Sweet and Boozy

The Christmas special thundershake at Sweet and Boozy combines eggnog with White Russian. (Staff Photo by Jabez Berniard)

McMillian said guests are often surprised by how well alcohol blends with the ice cream.

“It’s a lot of science that goes into making the flavors work,” he said. 

Vodka, champagne, rum, whiskey and chardonnay abstracts are just a few used to craft the boozy flavors. For beer lovers, “Thick, Fudgey & Stout” is the top choice, according to McMillian. 

The shop also has seasonal flavors. The Christmas special thundershake will run now through January. The boozy shake combines eggnog with White Russian. 

Sweet and Boozy

4525 Freret St., (504) 688-4978

Sun.- Thu., 12 p.m.- 9 p.m.

Fri.- Sat., 12 p.m.- 11 p.m.

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