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Syracha’Cuse booth introduces fairgoers to zesty flavors

The State Fair is filled with several vendors we all look forward to seeing every year. However, there are also about 15 new vendors making their debut this year.

In today’s Faces of the Fair, Brad Vivacqua introduces us to one of those folks bringing his flavorful sauces to the fair for the first time.

Before each day at the fair begins, Michael Sharlow will be stocking his booth with tortilla chips. Those chips will be used for fairgoers to sample his Syracha’Cuse sauces.

“Everything’s available to taste. We sample our sauces on a tortilla chip and we let the customer sample whatever they would like to try,” said the Syracha’Cuse owner.

This year marks the first time Sharlow will have a booth at the fair. The brand has been around since 2014 when he and his daughter started it out of their passion for heat and flavor. They started by bringing their sauces to small stores and events. For the fair you can find 14 sauces at the Horticulture Building booth.

“We like a nice balance of heat and flavor. And, I think that’s what people come to us for. We can actually enhance your foods. Enhance your recipes,” Sharlow said.

Enhance recipes by infusing the sauces with novelties from other companies. For example, spirits, beer, and coffee from well known producers.

“For the fair this year, we’re introducing our maple bourbon hot sauce, which is made with 1911 bourbon whiskey. We also have a 1911 Honeycrisp Habanero, made with 1911 Honeycrisp hard cider,” he said.

So with plenty of tastings to try, Sharlow is hopeful this will be a spicy stop you’ll put on your fair to do list.

“If it’s a success we definitely will be back again,” he said.

Syracha’Cuse is located in the center of the Horticulture Building just down the hall from the baked potato booth. You can also order their products online at or visit their new tasting room in Baldwinsville.

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