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The 15 Best Splurge-Worthy Gifts for 2022

The best splurge-worthy gifts of 2022 stand out as legendary gifts to give to someone or to give to yourself. If you are still shopping for someone who is hard to buy for, these gifts will help you nail down the last present for someone on your list. Some of these gifts are expensive, and others are simply worth the splurge even if they are still in reach.

From an epic pizza oven, a fantastic wine cooler, and deliciously high-end liquor to tech gifts, trips and more we have you covered. You can get many of these delivered in time for Christmas, and for the few that will take longer, they are worth the wait.

Gozney Dome Pizza Oven

Splurge-Worthy Gifts
The Gozney Dome duel fuel is an outdoor pizza oven that runs on gas or wood for perfect at-home pizza.

The Gozney Dome pizza oven is an amazing way to make restaurant-quality pizza at home. It features a unique dome-shaped design and is capable of using wood or gas, so you can choose how to make your perfect pizza. The oven reaches up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing for the perfect char on the crust and a perfectly cooked pizza in just 60 seconds. Additionally, the Gozney Dome pizza oven has a built-in temperature gauge, and it supports an array of accessories and upgrades to make bread, smoke, bake and more. The Gozney Dome pizza oven is a versatile and user-friendly appliance that is perfect for any home pizza enthusiast.

Buy at Gozney from $1,999.

SCUF Gaming Controller

Scuf Controller
Splurge with a Scuf controller for the gamer in your life.

SCUF Gaming controllers are specialized gaming controllers designed to provide gamers with a more comfortable and customizable experience. They are popular among professional gamers and have been used in major esports tournaments. Some of the key features of SCUF controllers include additional paddles on the back of the controller, allowing players to access more buttons without taking their thumbs off the thumbsticks, and adjustable triggers and thumbsticks for a more personalized fit. You can choose to remove vibration for longer battery life and a lighter controller, as well as a wide range of customizable or pre-built designs. We love the optional mouse-click-like Instant Triggers on the PS5 Reflex FPS controller we have.

Buy at SCUF from $199.99.

Glenfiddich Time Re:Imagined

Splurge-Worthy Gifts
Glenfiddich captures the essence of time with the Time Re:Imagined.

The Glenfiddich Time Re:Imagined series is a flavor-filled scotch that captures a series of time in a drink. These bottles showcase an array of flavors that come from decades of aging and experiencing the effects of time as seasons ebb and the world changes. What we end up with is a wonderful balance of flavor that balances the whisky and the oak cask it ages in. Deep woody flavors and hints of floral make up the taste of the 30-year-old bottle, and a long warm finish with the sweetness of honey finishes out the taste. You’ll find amazing-looking packaging for each of these Glenfiddich bottles that make for a great showpiece on the bar.

Find at a specialty liquor store near you from $1,299.

T-Mobile Samsara Magenta Carry-On

Splurge-worthy gifts
This smart carry-on keeps you charged and lets you track your luggage.

T-Mobile teamed up with Samsara Luggage to deliver a magenta carry-on that includes charging for your gadgets and an AirTag to track your luggage. This is a beautifully designed carry-on that has a great amount of room and still remains pretty small in overall size. The T-Mobile magenta will catch a lot of eyes. I received quite a bit of attention while using it on a recent trip. The charger allows you to wirelessly charge a phone, and you can also use a USB C port to charge other items. The top of the carry-on is flat, so you can use it as a work surface in the airport. This ties into T-Mobile’s Coverage Beyond, which includes free Wi-Fi on many of America’s biggest airlines and free high-speed data in 215+ countries.

Buy at TravelMagenta for $325.

Sandals All-Inclusive Resorts

Sandals Royal Bahamian
Escape with a splurge-worthy all-inclusive vacation at Sandals.
Josh Smith

Give the gift of an epic romantic vacation at an all-inclusive resort. Sandals offers options across several countries at a variety of price levels. We recently stayed at the Sandals Royal Bahamian with Butler service, and it was an amazing stay. You’ll find an array of wonderful food options, multiple pools, loads of activities, impressive entertainment every night and lovely beaches. We enjoyed the private island off the coast of the Royal Bahamian and the butler service that lets you really relax with reservations, beach spots and snacks all handled for you. We’ll be sharing a full review of Sandals Royal Bahamian soon.

Learn more at Sandals.

HiSense 54 Bottle Freestanding or Built-in Wine Cooler

Splurge-Worthy Gifts
This amazing wine cooler can be freestanding or installed under a counter.

The HiSense 23.4-inch 54-bottle wine fridge is a beautiful wine cooler with a window to show off your collection and six soft-close drawers with a wood finish. The wine fridge is frost free, so you can easily see the bottles. The drawers are capable of holding a range of standard bottle sizes, and you can choose the perfect temperature for your favorite wines. This looks great, is quiet, and ensures that you always have a chilled bottle of wine handy. It features a two-year warranty with a five-year compressor warranty.

Buy it at Lowes for $549.

Samsung Odyssey Ark Gaming Monitor

Splurge-Worthy Gifts
The Samsung Odyssey Ark is the ultimate game room splurge.
Josh Smith/Gozney

The Samsung Odyssey Ark is a 55-inch gaming monitor that delivers an incredibly immersive gaming or work experience. The 4K screen features a 165Hz refresh rate and delivers a very low 1 ms response time. This display is also curved, bringing the edges of gaming to your peripheral vision. You can also rotate the display into Cockpit Mode, where it towers over the user. The large display supports up to three different types of content displayed at once. It is great for gaming on the PS5, Xbox Series X or PC. We also love working on it, using the included controller to shrink the workspace to a more manageable size. It also features built-in lighting on the back that syncs with your gaming. Read our full review.

Buy at Samsung for $2,499.99.

Misc. Goods Ceramic Flask

Splurge-Worthy Gifts
Use this flask to carry your favorite spirit or as a decoration at home.
Misc. Goods

The Misc. Goods Ceramic Flask is an exquisite flask that they can use to carry their favorite spirit or simply to place at home as a decoration. The Black Ceramic Flask we checked out is hefty and stunning to look at. This is larger than a typical flask, which helps it stand out. It’s perfect for packing in a nice bag to take when meeting up with friends, but this won’t fit into most jacket pockets. A leather snap keeps the real cork in place.

Buy at Misc. Goods from $89.

Four Seasons Private Jet Experience

Splurge-Worthy Gifts
Travel in the ultimate luxury with epic itineraries with Four Seasons Private Jet Experience.
Four Seasons

For the ultimate splurge, book a Four Seasons Private Jet Experience for 2024. With 10 new destinations, including Antarctica, and what looks like a stunning Ancient Explorer route, this luxe travel option is the ultimate splurge. The trips start with Four Seasons Private Jets, which are appointed to cater to your every need in the air. The new jet is an Airbus A321neo-LR aircraft with 48 seats and is complete with a concierge, chef and physician. Four Seasons handles everything, including visas, luggage and transfers. The experiences include accommodations at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, as well as luxury accommodations selected by its team in more remote areas.

Learn more at Four Seasons.

Balvenie Rare Marriages

Splurge-Worthy Gifts
The Balvenie Rare Marriages are available in 25-, 30- and 40-year-old versions.

The Balvenie Rare Marriages collection now includes a Balvenie Twenty-Five, which is a little easier to find and retails for $799.99. We had the opportunity to taste much of the Balvenie Rare Marriages lineup in New York recently and love the deliciously complex flavors that these bring. These are created by marrying Balvaneie’s rarest casks to deliver a new flavor profile. Although older, these are still very approachable, and the Balvenie Twenty-Five delivers hints of crystalized ginger and honey with a long sweet finish. As an added bonus, all of the packaging is top-notch and a display piece on its own.

Find at a specialty liquor store near you starting at $799.

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless Gaming Headset

Splurge-Worthy Gifts
Upgraded audio is essential and this headset will immerse you in the game even more.

The HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless Gaming Headset is one of the most affordable splurges on our list, but it is an important one if you have a gamer in your life. This headset is completely wireless and works perfectly with PCs and the PlayStation 5. This headset is impressive at delivering precise locations for footsteps in first-person shooter games, giving the gamer in your life a huge edge in games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, where spatial awareness is essential.

Buy at Best Buy for $99.99.

Remarkable 2

Splurge-Worthy Gifts
Instead of an expensive paper notebook, the Remarkable 2 is the perfect gift.

The Remarkable 2 is the best paper notebook replacement I’ve used. It’s not cheap, but if you are looking for a great gift for the note-taker in your life—this is it. It actually feels like you are writing on paper, with the added benefit of easily sharing the notes as handwriting or converting them to text. It’s super slim, and the battery easily lasts a full workweek for me. Opt for the Marker Plus, with a built-in eraser. They can also sync notes to the cloud so that they don’t need to worry about losing notes.

Buy at Remarkable for $299.

Chicken Cock Whiskey Chanticleer

Splurge-Worthy Gifts
We love the look of this bottle, and the taste of Chanticleer.
Chicken Cock

Chicken Cock Whiskey offers a wonderful new option, the Chanticleer. This is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that is finished in French Cognac barrels. The nose is ripe peach and honey, which gives way to a full flavor that includes vanilla, cherry and a bit of caramelized banana before a hot finish with a touch of citrus zest. It is 112 proof and features a mash bill of 70 percent corn, 21 percent rye and 9 percent malted barley. This arrives in a collectible tin and is bottled in a beautiful apothecary-style glass that looks perfect on a bar cart or in a bar display.

Find at Caskers and Chicken Cock Whiskey for $499.99.

85-inch Vizio P Series Quantum X TV

Splurge-Worthy Gifts
Go big, and go home with a massive 85-inch Vizio TV that is perfect for movies and TV.

One of the best splurges for your home is a massive TV. This is the perfect upgrade for movie lovers and streamers. The Vizio P Series Quantum X is an 85-inch 4K TV that includes a very capable built-in smart TV platform to binge-watch popular streaming services. It also includes WatchFree, which delivers over 100 live TV channels free of charge, from TV shows to movies. The Vizio P85QX-J01 also supports AMD Freesync Premium Pro to deliver great gaming experiences. We also love that you can pair Bluetooth headphones to the TV directly so that it’s possible to listen to movies late at night without bothering anyone else.

Buy for $1,999 at Sam’s Club.

Nanoleaf Lines Squared

Splurge-Worthy Gifts
Upgrade a living room or game room with Nanoleaf Lines and the new square connection.

Nanoleaf Lines are one of our favorite lighting upgrades, and this year, the new Squared version takes things up another level. You can now use 90-degree connectors to make squares, X symbols and other designs that the original kits did not support. The starter kit is four lines for $99.99, but if you are splurging, then we suggest you stack on at least one expansion pack of three lines more to build out the set. The lines allow users to choose from a wide array of lighting effects and even sync up to noise.

Buy at Nanoleaf from $99.99.

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