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The Best Guns For Every Situation In Valorant

Bringing a Stinger to a Marshall fight is the last thing you want in Valorant. In a game with such a low time to kill, bringing the wrong gun for the job is likely to earn you a one-way ticket to the death screen. On the other hand, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing when you can turn a cheap Frenzy investment into an enemy’s Vandal.

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Knowing which gun to buy depends on your team’s economic situation, positioning, and side of the map. As such, you should always be conscious of the weapon that you’re choosing before the round starts. Coming armed correctly for the job is often the best way to increase your chances of taking a round.


8/8 Go On A Frenzy With Your Eco Rounds

A base skin frenzy from Valorant

Eco rounds are high-risk and high-reward scenarios. The odds are against your favor, as the enemy team has an economic advantage to buy better guns and more utility. However, the Frenzy pistol may be able to swing the round back in your favor.

This fully automatic little menace packs a surprising punch at close range and can feel like a pocket-sized Vandal in the right hands. Despite the close-range power of the infamous Shorty, you are generally better off using the slightly more expensive Frenzy. This is due to the overall flexibility offered by its greater effective range and magazine size. If you’re strapped for cash and want to swing an unfavorable round, the Frenzy will get the job done.

7/8 The Sheriff, An Affordable Mid-Range Hand Cannon

A base skin Sheriff from Valorant

Another great eco round pickup is the Sheriff. At only 800 credits, it brings one-shot kill potential to headshots against armored foes up to 30 meters. Additionally, any headshots that you hit past that distance will leave enemies hanging on for dear life with only a sliver of health left. In skilled hands, a Sheriff can completely turn the round back in your favor, and is a great purchase for eco rounds later in the game.

You will want to capitalize on medium range engagements to ensure your headshots will net a kill. The Sheriff can also be a bold pistol round pickup for players who want to prioritize duels over utility use. This works best on agents such as Jett, who have a free ability that directly helps them in combat.

6/8 Hold Down The Fort With A Stinger

A base skin Stinger from Valorant

The Stinger is one of the two submachine guns in the game. It trades the range of the Spectre for a ferociously fast fire rate. That makes it a great defensive option if you want to defend smaller zones, where the fire rate of the Stinger will overwhelm the strength of stronger guns. Thanks to its superior reliability, you will want to pick it up over the similarly priced Bucky. The Stinger is best used in locations where you can isolate fights. You can think of it as a stronger version of the Frenzy, with a greater range, fire rate, and magazine size.

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Its older brother, the Spectre, is usually the better offensive option for taking space and contesting longer angles. However, both are considered anti-eco weapons, and naturally excel in situations where the opposing team is stuck with low-tier weapons such as pistols.

5/8 The Marshall, A Long Range Anti-Eco Machine

A base skin Marshall from Valorant

After winning the pistol round, you will find yourself in a position to buy up weapons and armor to secure the second round. If you’re going to be working with long-range angles, there is no better early-game gun than the Marshall. The enemy team will likely be saving their credits for the third round. That means that the chances that they won’t have any armor to protect them are high.

This is a perfect situation for the Marshall to shine. It kills any enemy in one hit to the body without armor and allows for far more mobility than the beefier Operator. At medium to long-range distances, no gun is more suited for anti-eco situations than the Marshall.

4/8 Pop Heads At Any Distance With A Vandal

A base skin Vandal from Valorant

The Vandal and its counterpart rifle, the Phantom, are the two mainline guns that will dominate most purchasing decisions as the match ramps up. What sets the Vandal apart is its ability to deal a lethal 150-damage headshot regardless of range. It compensates this strength by having a slower fire rate than the Phantom.

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This makes the Vandal ideal for attackers, as they need to methodically clear longer-range angles to move towards the site. However, anybody who is feeling extra snappy with their aim will likely benefit from the lethality of its headshots.

3/8 The Phantom, No Tracers No Problem

A base skin Phantom from Valorant

The Phantom trades the long-range one-tap potential of the Vandal for a faster fire rate and invisible bullet tracers. This allows it to excel in closer-range encounters. If enemies are within 15 meters, all headshots will deal a deadly 156 damage. Anything past that distance will see some damage drop off.

In contrast to the Vandal, the Phantom has great potential as a defender rifle. Since the attackers will be coming to you, make sure to take close-range positions that will be optimal for the Phantom’s fire rate and range. Most notably, the Phantom lacks any visible bullet tracers. This allows you to shoot through smokes undetected, making them a riskier obstacle for the enemies to overcome.

2/8 The Operator, Sniper King

A base skin Operator from Valorant

The Operator stands above the rest of the guns in Valorant due to its eye-watering credit cost but incredible damage. This monster of a sniper can take down anybody with a single shot above the waist, regardless of armor. To balance these strengths, the Operators fire rate and reload speed are very slow, and holding the weapon limits your walking speed considerably.

With this in mind, the Operator excels in any medium to long-range engagement where you need to hold an angle. It has extremely lethal damage that can turn enemy agents into corpses with a single click. Any situation where the enemy team is down a member will be prime time if you wield this devastating weapon. They will lack the utility to smoke off your position, which gives you free rein to watch positions from a distance.

1/8 The Classic, Jack Of Most Trades

A base skin Classic from Valorant

It’s easy to overlook the Classic, after all, it is the default weapon you’re given free of charge at the beginning of a round. However, the Classic is surprisingly reliable as a basic weapon in many situations. Well-paced shots are quite accurate at short to medium distances. The Classic also has an alternate fire that blasts out a short-range cone of three bullets. This effectively makes it into a free makeshift shotgun.

Smart use of the Classic can net you a kill in almost any round. The only clear drawback of the weapon is in long-range scenarios. For a free weapon, the Classic is a great sidearm to bring into any round.

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