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‘The Last of Us Part 1’ Weapons Upgrade Guide: Up Your Arsenal and Make No Mistakes

Picking the best weapons for your arsenal and choosing the best weapon upgrades might be more daunting than facing the infected in the “The Last of Us Part 1” PS5 remake. This guide will tell you about the best weapon upgrades to get by in this edition of Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic narrative-ran game.

Manage Your Inventory

Items supply in the game is as insufficient as the lack of life in its landscapes. Every now and then, you would find yourself low on ammo and other in-game supplies. This is why efficiently managing your inventory is just as important a part of the game as making your way out through towns infested by man-eating creatures.

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You do not want yourself to be caught in a shootout against hostile human beings in the game or get mauled by fungus-infected monstrosities just because you are short of a bullet. That is why it is really not recommended to rely on basic-level improvised weapons. It is best that you upgrade them for more damage and better usability. As you journey through the game, you will be allowed to obtain more weapons, but not all of them are worth an upgrade. Be smart with managing your precious resources.

Upgrading Your Weapons and Where to Find Them

To upgrade weapons, Digitaltrends tells us that players must secure these four things: the weapon, parts and scraps, a workbench, and finally, some tools. As stated earlier, basic-level weapons can be acquired as players go deeper into the game’s storyline. 

There are nine main weapons scattered around different locations in the game. You do not want to miss some of them so that we will give you some hints. There are some weapons in the game that are impossible to miss, do not worry. Below are some in-game weapons and their respective locations: This information is from a report by Gamesradar.

Revolver – Found on a dead soldier’s corpse during The Outskirts. 

Hunting Rifle – Found on a dead Firefly, at a building near the Capitol Building

Bow – Past an infected slain by a nail bomb trap during Bill’s Town Exploration

Sawed-Off Shotgun – On a table inside the sewers

El Diablo – After starting Tommy’s Dam mission, find a car crashed into a rock. There sits a skeleton holding the weapon.

Flamethrower – At a forklift inside the university

Assault Rifle – Enemies slain in the firefight in the hospital will drop the weapon.

Best Weapons to Upgrade

Now that we know where to find the weapons, we can now discuss the best upgrades to add to them. Prioritize upgrading weapon holsters first, which will allow you to increase your handgun and long firearm carrying capacity. Switching weapons efficiently can be life-saving.

Next, upgrade the El Diablo immediately, as its armor-piercing capability makes it one of the best sidearms in the game. The hunting rifle has the same armor-piercing capability but adds more scope. And finally, secure that you have a well-upgraded shotgun to easily clear hordes of zombies and equip your bow from time to time to add some range to your game.

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