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The Most Revolutionary Crypto Project Since Polygon And Solana

For centuries, only institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals have been able to invest in alternative assets such as gold, diamonds, fine arts, luxury watches, expensive liquor, and aviation. Retail investors were locked out of this sector since the capital outlays required to invest were out of reach for most people.

Enters HedgeUp.

HedgeUp is the first cryptocurrency and NFT alternative investment marketplace that allows investors from across the globe to invest fractionally in alternative assets.

With HedgeUp, anyone can invest as little as $1 worth of $HDUP tokens and gain access to alternative products. It makes such products accessible to anyone and everyone.

HedgeUp’s main aim is to challenge the status quo by providing retail investors with the opportunity to invest in previously considered exclusive areas. HedgeUp will bridge the gap between nontraditional investors and alternative investment asset classes.

The platform also aims to provide valuable education about alternative asset classes and highlight the paths investors can follow to earn residual income through alternative asset investing. HedgeUp will partner with well-known individuals and professionals with over three decades of experience in alternative assets to achieve this.

Why Invest in Alternative Investment Products?

Alternative investments rarely follow broad market trends. As such, they have very low volatility, making them the ideal investment option for risk-averse investors who want to diversify their portfolios.

Alternative investments also enhance an investor’s returns. The returns from alternative assets are not always guaranteed. However, they can sometimes be more than returns from traditional investments.

For instance, in 2022, luxury watches increased by an average of 149.13%, while fine arts, liquor, and diamonds increased by an average of 29.72, 19.21, and 4.6, respectively. By investing in HedgeUp’s investment basket, investors can expect returns of between 26 to 36%.

How Does HedgeUp Work?

HedgeUp will form numerous partnerships with different organizations to make investing as easy as possible. For instance, they will partner with third-party vendors, who can provide their valuable assets on the HedgeUp marketplace for investors to pick from. 

HedgeUp will also partner with a card processing company to help investors change their cryptocurrencies into fiat money.

Additionally, HedgeUp will team up with lending metaverse companies to enable users to leverage SocialFi for business logistics, trade, and communication.

Along with making partnerships, HedgeUp will establish a decentralized autonomous organization that will allow members to voice their opinions on what direction the HedgeUp platform should take. HedgeUp DAO members will also have the right to vote for or against important decisions in the HedgeUp ecosystem.

Investors who choose to lock up their $HDUP token in the treasury will receive additional rewards for increasing liquidity and creating a strong market and better trading conditions for the rest of the HedgeUp members.

HedgeUp will also have an NFT marketplace where investors can purchase and sell their NFTS. Unlike most marketplaces, HedgeUp will allow investors to purchase ownership rights to part of an NFT, which they can sell to other investors later.  Those who purchase rights to an entire NFT will have the piece delivered to their address.

Invest in The Ground Floor

HedgeUp is currently in the first phase of its presale. As an investor, this is the best time to purchase $HDUP tokens, as they only go for $0.09. Purchasing HedgeUp during this period gives you the first-mover advantage, allowing you to rake in profits as soon as the HedgeUp platform launches.

There are 999,000,000 $HDUP tokens available. Of those, 349,650,000 (35%) tokens will be available during the token sale. After the presale, the $HDUP token will be available on Coingecko and coin market Cap, among other exchanges.

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