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The Syrup Swap That Will Elevate Your Cocktails

Simple syrup is one of the easiest ingredients to swap out. Absolut Vodka reports that the mojito, caipirinha, daiquiri, whiskey (or vodka, amaretto, gin, pisco) sour, Tom Collins, and French 75 all call for a sugary simple syrup. But different syrups impart different flavors. Adding aromatic herbs and spices to create a spiced simple syrup is one way to take your drinks into the autumn season.

Another is to consider syrups made from agave, maple, and sorghum. Of the three, sorghum molasses, made from sorghum grass, is the most potent and robust, bearing a sweet, butternut flavor. It is a secret ingredient used in baking for its lush flavor, says The Kitchn. Sorghum syrup is thick and sticky, so how you blend it is key when using it to transform your cocktails. One trick for using sorghum syrup is to lightly coat the cocktail glass with the syrup before pouring in the blended ingredients.

Sorghum lends itself beautifully to smoky mezcal cocktails, the espresso martini, old fashioneds, mudslides, and Moscow mules by elevating the flavors of the spirits, chocolate or coffee liqueurs, and other ingredients, adding a luxurious, earthy, even smokiness that transforms the drink into something spectacular.

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