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Three crypto giants die weeks of each other

The internet alludes to theories as the fall of Crypto has now physically involved those who helped create it.

TEXAS, USA — With the demise of crypto empires like FTX, cryptocurrency has been in the news, bringing more crypto-cyber news to the forefront. 

Recently, the internet can’t stop talking about the deaths of three cryptocurrency giants that have been reported in the media weeks from each other.

The “mysterious” deaths of crypto investors Nikolai Mushegian, 29, Tiantian Kullander, 30 and Vyacheslav Taran, 53, have drawn a lot of internet attention.

Russian Crypto Typhoon, Vyacheslav Taran was the latest to die after his helicopter crashed near the French-Italian border. The Russian Embassy confirmed his death on Nov. 28, according to Tass, a Russian news agency.

Taran was responsible for the rise and fall of Forex Club, which was stripped of its license in Russia in 2018 for allegedly ripping off investors, according to Life, a pro-Kremlin Russian media outlet

His death made many on Twitter conjure up theories since it followed right after the deaths of Nikolai Mushegian and Tiantian Kullander.

Tiantian Kullander reportedly died in his sleep at the age of thirty. Kullander was the co-founder of Singapore’s crypto-trading firm, Amber Group. The firm confirmed the death of “TT” on Nov. 25 via its website. 

Kullander’s death came as a surprise, as Amber Group had just become recently valued at $3 billion. Still, the company faced some scrutiny after cutting ten percent of its staff. 

At the time, Kullander reportedly told Bloomberg, a finance-media company, that the cuts were needed due to adjustments in “global headcount every quarter”. 

With no records reported of Kullander’s health before his death, media outlets compared his demise to that of co-founder of the crypto-lending platform MakerDAO, Nikolai Mushegian. 

Mushegian’s death gained press after his last Tweets raised eyebrows on social media. On Oct. 28 he tweeted that there were government entities after him, the same day, the cryptocurrency millionaire died after drowning at a beach in Puerto Rico. 

Mushegian’s Twitter has a series of troubling tweets about his future demise and government conspiracies. Including this tweet on Sept. 4:

Mighty Ducks child star and now cryptocurrency billionaire, Brock Pierce, was reportedly good friends with Mushegian. 

He told the NY Post, that Mushegian’s family believed his death was simply a mistake. He reportedly was dealing with his own mental health issues and episodes of paranoia, according to the outlet.  

Users took to his last tweet however and shared their opinions of his death. One Twitter user wrote, “Having lots of money and knowing powerful people is not always a good thing”.

Other Twitter users, didn’t take the tweet or way of death to be a conspiracy. One user commented that it could be an accidental death based on paranoia.

From what we can see, the internet is 50/50 when it comes to the untimely deaths of these crypto bosses. One user even believes that the coincidences of deaths could be something that could potentially lead up to something bigger.

As always, Internet Reacts share the stories and reactions of the internet. What are your opinions if any, on the deaths of these recent cryptocurrency typhoons? Or even cryptocurrency as a whole?

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