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Tim Drake’s Robin Is the Newest Gold Label McFarlane Toys Figure

McFarlane Toys reveals that Robin Tim Drake will be the newest addition to the company’s Gold Label Collection.

A first look at Drake’s Gold Label figure was revealed on McFarlane Toys’ social media accounts, including Twitter. The design features Tim’s black, red and gold Robin outfit (though not the Red Robin suit with the full cowl) and his bo staff. The collectible will be available exclusively from

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What Is McFarlane Toys’ Gold Label Collection?

According to the company, the Gold Label Collection comprises “highly limited figures from across many pop culture brands with exclusive packaging and art.” Previous Gold Label figures given this special spotlight include a Batman figure designed by Todd McFarlane, Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Mandarin Spawn. While no release date is given for the Tim Drake figure, the announcement arrives at a time when the character has seen a boost within DC Comics.

Robin Tim Drake Is Now Bisexual

In the Batman: Urban Legends anthology series, the status quo changed for Tim when he came out as bisexual and began dating his friend Bernard in “Sum of Our Parts” by writer Meghan Fitzmartin and artist Belén Ortega. This led to June 2022’s DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1 collecting the entirety of “Sum of Our Parts” and a new story with Young Justice and the Batgirls. Fitzmartin is also responsible for the Dark Crisis: Young Justice miniseries featuring Tim, but she will be taking her work with the Robin even further come September.

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Tim Drake Stars in Batman and His Own Robin Series

DC is launching a new ongoing series, Tim Drake: Robin, on Sep. 27, 2022. Starring Tim, the solo series will be written by Fitzmartin with artist Riley Rossmo departing Harley Quinn to illustrate the title. According to the first issue’s synopsis, “A new villain who’s been hounding Tim from afar decides to take things up close and personal, putting Bernard and everyone else Tim cares about in peril.”

Meanwhile, Tim is also the main Robin once again in writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Jorge Jiménez’s Batman run, being that Robin Damian Wayne is away from Gotham City on his own adventures. The creative team began their run with Batman #125 and the launch of the title’s “Failsafe” arc, which introduced a new villain for the Caped Crusader and Tim to face.

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DC Fans Can See Tim Drake in ‘Titans’ Seasons 3 and 4

In 2021, Tim was also finally adapted into live-action with actor Jay Lycurgo‘s portrayal in Season 3 of Titans on HBO Max. The actor is set to return as Tim in the upcoming Season 4 of the series, which will feature The Originals‘ Joseph Morgan as the villain Sebastian Blood.

Thus, fans of Tim Drake across all forms of media will soon be able to pick up McFarlane Toys’ new Gold Label figure once it goes on sale.

Source: Twitter, McFarlane Toys

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