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Tony Beets Has A Positive Outlook On Featuring His Kids In Gold Rush

In an interview with Outsider, Tony Beets and his wife Minnie were asked about their children working in the industry, and the couple explained that their children had been working with them since before they were on the show. “Actually… the kids have always worked with us and that hasn’t changed,” Minnie Beets explained. She got cut off before she could finish, as Tony chimed in with, “…And basically they’re like how Minnie says, they’ve always worked with us. And as long as they keep playing well…”

In one thread in the r/goldrush subreddit, u/Itsgoingtobemental asked why Kevin Beets always calls his father by his name on the job site instead of calling him “Dad,” and several redditors weighed in. “[I] work with my [father] and onsite i always call him by [his] name,” explained u/maximunpayne. “Pretty common on job sites…. no one wants to be the [one] calling the boss (or even a co-worker) daddy,” chimed in u/AKStafford. Redditor u/greatgreataunt added that it’s especially common on job sites in Canada. Then u/tattudbear joked, “He wouldn’t answer if he called him Parker,” referring to one of the show’s other mine bosses, Parker Schnabel. It would seem that while Tony and Minnie Beets love having their gold mining operation as a family business, there’s still an expectation for their children to act professionally on the job.

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