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Top Five Gold Stocks to Purchase in 2022

One of the assets usually found in the portfolio of investors in gold, which due to its price, increases with time. Based on history, gold trading is among the oldest investing opportunities traders practice. It is impossible to downplay the role of gold in the market because it is special. Investing in gold trading can be in terms of purchasing physical gold and storing it for a long time or buying gold stocks of a recognized gold mining company.


Instead of owning physical gold that has the propensity of getting stolen or too costly, investors can opt for gold stocks that do not require physical possession of gold. Investors looking to diversify their portfolios usually buy gold stocks, especially when there is inflation, since there is a possibility of the value increasing.

Best 5 Gold Stocks

You can invest in a variety of gold stocks, but the top five are covered in the section below:

  1. Equinox Gold
  2. Osisko Mining
  3. Endeavour Mining
  4. Filo Mining
  5. Gold Royalty

Equinox Gold

In addition to seven gold mines and a substantial pipeline of development and expansion projects, Equinox Gold has holdings in Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Based on measurement and indication, 30 million ounces is the estimated gold reserves of equinox gold, whereas 16 million ounces is the prospective and proved overall gold resources. 

This year, the company’s expectation in terms of gold production is 6.25 thousand ounces. Investors can access other types of precious metals through an equinox 30% stake in the recently formed Sandbox Royalties. The portfolio of Sandbox is concentrated on the characteristics of metals including graphite, silver, copper, uranium, copper, and gold in regions of Europe and America where mining is permitted.

Osisko Mining

The elevated Windfall gold deposit in Quebec’s Abitibi greenstone region is owned entirely by drilling company Osisko Mining. The company’s target is to ensure that Windfall is one of the best ten gold mines in the United States and Canada. According to the measurement, 2.10 thousand ounces of gold are owned by the company. Based on indication, the amount is 2.994 million and according to estimation, the amount is 3.585 million ounces of gold. There is an expectation to provide more information for the practicality study as the infill drilling is going on at Windfall.

Endeavour Mining

West Africa’s top precious gems manufacturer is Endeavour Mining. Apart from the pipeline of advanced development projects, other operational assets include exploratory sites in the Birimian greenstone belt, which spans Ivory Coast, Senegal, and Burkina Faso.

An overall of 3.57 thousand ounces of gold were produced in the first quarter by Endeavour. This is an increase of 14 per cent over the same time in the prior year. According to the just concluded achievable study, Construction on the Sabodala-Massawa extension in Senegal will begin.

Filo Mining

In Chile’s Region III and Argentina’s San Juan province, the deposit of the Filo del Sol copper-gold-silver is explored by Filo Mining, which is part of the Lundin Group. The resource base of the advanced exploration project is projected to contain 4.4 million ounces of gold, 147 million ounces of silver, and 3.1 billion pounds of copper. BHP Western Mining Resources, a BHP division, decided to invest $100 million, as announced by Filo.

Gold Royalty

Through royalties and streaming, Gold Royalty obtains interests in drilling projects. On characteristics of gold, there are 195 royalties on them in the company’s portfolio in America. Some recently acquired royalties include IAMGOLD’s Ivory Coast gold project, Monarch Mining’s Beaufor mine, and Golden Valley Mines and Abitibi. The company made a quarterly dividend payment for the first time this year. 

Final Thoughts 

Investors may acquire shares in gold exchange-traded funds, offering more practical and affordable solutions for gold stocks investment if they do not want to pick the finest individual gold mining businesses. You do not need to be an expert stock picker to benefit from the growth of the gold business due to the wide range of gold stocks and ETFs. By holding either stock of gold mining firms or actual gold, gold exchange-traded funds provide wide exposure to the industry.

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