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Trying Meghan Markle’s Favorite Almond Spiced Holiday Cocktail

This might be Meghan’s favorite holiday drink, but it is definitely not my family’s. That said, I could’ve changed it slightly to suit our preferences.

The author garnished the drink with a cinnamon stick.

The author garnished the drink with a cinnamon stick.

Maria Noyen/Insider

My family’s favorite holiday drink will always be my mom’s coquito, which I can confidently say is 10 times better than eggnog. 

But that said, any recipe can be a foundation to build a meal or a drink that is better suited to whoever is consuming it. With Meghan’s holiday drink, I think I could’ve done at least two things to make it more of a delectable treat for myself and my family. 

Firstly, I could’ve upped the level of sweetness using my father’s suggestion of adding honey or sugar. Secondly, after some reflection, I realized I could’ve run the liquid through a strainer. That would’ve ensured there were no bits of dates left behind to make the drinking experience less pleasurable. 

Ultimately, I can understand why Meghan is a fan of the drink. It smells like Christmas, it’s not as heavy as other holiday beverages, and it’s perfect if bourbon is your go-to alcohol. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for me, or my family, so I can’t imagine I’ll be serving it during future holiday seasons.

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