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Gold Nmesomachukwu Ezennaya counts herself lucky as she recently emerged winner of the 2022 Face of Zikel Beauty contest. The 20-yearold beauty, who hails from Anambra State, is currently a 300-level-student of Soil Science and Land Resources Management at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University (NAU), Awka. Aside being the company’s brand ambassador, and representing the brand locally and internationally, the new queen carted home millions in prizes, including a brand new car, a luxury trip to Dubai, one year supply of Zikel cosmetics amongst others; a gesture she described as ‘Christmas Gift Came Early’. In a chat with IFEOMA ONONYE, the new Beauty Queen shares some of her dreams and aspirations


You mentioned earlier that you are studying Soil Science and Land Resources. What is it like to study such a unique sounding course? What do you become after you graduate?

Soil Science and Land Resources Management is a theoretical

and practical course under the faculty of agriculture. It’s really time consuming and I need to be available for tests, practicals and excursions, which come up regularly. I am not sure if I want to take up a career related to soil science and land resources management yet but I must say I am learning a lot from the course.

Do like the course, or you just find yourself studying that in school presently?

Honestly, I don’t have passion for the course I’m studying presently but I also don’t hate it either. It’s a lot more than I expected but I have been handling it pretty well.

How did you discover your talent in modeling and how was your first experience as a model?

I will say I started noticing that I am different when people started telling me how pretty my face is. As a pretty girl, the journey of discovering that I could be a model started with makeup artists wanting me to model for them. I modelled for a make-up artist and I realised I had potentials. My first experience as a model was in 2018 and it was fun.

model? What was your parent’s reaction?

When I decided I wanted to go into modeling, my parents were in support but at that time, my movement was restricted. It was restricted because I was still really young but after a while, the restriction was lifted to an extent. Tell us a little about the Face of Zikel Cosmetics Competition. Did you imagine you could win after seeing that other girls were pretty as well? It was not an easy competition. When I saw other girls, I was a little bit scared. I mean, everyone of us came to win the title. I beat about 35 girls in total to win the crown. Some part of the competition was tedious like the catwalk and dance rehearsals. To get a choreographer to be perfect is not a joke. Above everything else, it was all fun. One of the fun part of the whole programme was that we had the opportunity to meet top celebrities like Alex Ekubo, Ik Ogbonna and Nancy Isime in camp. They spoke to us about building our career and remaining focused on our dreams. As the Face of Zikel, I am to help promote the company’s products, and uphold the company image. Does being the face of Zikel Cosmetics, require you wearing full make up everywhere you go? No it doesn’t but I love makeup. So, I wear makeup to almost everywhere I go. Sometimes, when I am home and bored, I do my makeup for the fun of it. How did you feel when you were announced winner? I was overwhelmed with joy. Presently I feel like God gave this to me as a gift. I feel very fortunate and lucky because I have not really got to that professional level of my modelling career. I won a car, cash prizes, one year supply of make-up products, and a luxury trip to Dubai. It sure feels like the best Christmas gift ever. You have a very beautiful skin. Can you share a little about the beauty routines you use to maintain glowing skin? Thank you for the complement. I use gentle and fragrance free cleansers. I love to moisturize my skin very well and I don’t forget to use my serums. And I never forget to wear sunscreen. Going back to your childhood days, did you wish you could read law or medicine in school? How did you end up with the present course you are studying? Gr o w i n g up, I wanted to be a lot of things. At first, I wanted to be a pilot but I got scared when I found out planes crash. I wanted to be a neuro s u rgeon because I thought it sounded really smart. But right now, I’m happy I didn’t let pressure from my parents make me study medicine. Aside modeling, is there any other entertainment career you are interested in like becoming an actress or musician? Yes, I have considered acting and also becoming a an influencer. I have a terrible singing voice. So, becoming a musician never crossed my mind for a second. Are you planning on becoming an entrepreneur? Which business would you go into? I will say I am already an entreprenuer. I started a small jewelry business in my second year in the university and right now, I’m looking forward to expanding it with this opportunity I have at hand right now. As a young pretty girl, what is your advice to young Nigerians, who seem to have given up on genuine hard work and are hoping to making through the fast lane? Life is a process and we should embrace going through processes and stages in life. The thought about becoming successful through the fast lane comes from comparison. We need to learn not to compare our successes or progress with other people’s own . I will advice young people like me to be hardworking, consistent in whatever career they choose and to always be intentional. Lastly, I encourage everyone celebrate their wins, no matter how small or big they are. Where do you think the government is getting it wrong when it comes to encouraging young people to strive for positive careers? I believe the system has failed in encouraging genuine hard work. This is why many young people are fast in losing interest in the system. The society praises rich people with questionable characters or questionable income. The justice system prosecute mostly the poor while the rich and influential get pat on the wrist. So many things are wrong in the system that are misguiding the Nigerian youth. It is also the reason, the society is fast loosing its values. If you had the opportunity to do something for the society, what will you focus on and why? Everyone has a natural desire to help the place and the people living around where we dwell. So, if I had the opportunity to do something for the society, which I know I will be in that position soon, I will love to feed children that have been displaced from their homes for whatever reasons. I would love to take children off the streets as much as I can. Children are so precious and don’t deserve to go through some unfortunate situations that they go through like hunger, lack of shelter and education. What are your passions and hobbies? I love watching make-up tutorials, crime and serial killer documentaries. I also love a good self care day and I do that often. I am so happy that all of the makeup tutorials I watched helped me in the competition. It improved my blending and application techniques.






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