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Westward Whiskey launches Cascadia Creative Series in Australia

Westward Whiskey is launching the Cascadia Creative Series in Australia, in collaboration with Dominio IV Wines in Oregon, exclusively for The Whisky Club.

With barrels hand-selected by Westward Whiskey’s head distiller Miles Munroe and The Whisky Club, the Cascadia Creative Series will feature Westward Whiskey single barrel releases at cask strength.

The December 2023 release will include the world-exclusive Westward Whiskey Dominio IV Single Barrel Tempranillo Whiskey at cask strength, as well as the re-release of the sell-out success, Westward Whiskey Dominio IV Single Barrel Pinot Noir Whiskey at cask strength.

Both whiskies have an ABV of 62.5 per cent and are bottled straight from the barrel at the Westward Whiskey Distillery in Oregon, where the hot, dry summer and cool wet winters create the ideal environment to create a world-class whiskey.

The Cascadia Creative Series was designed to highlight the provenance of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon, where Westward is made, and celebrate the creativity of the local team and partners at Dominio IV Wines, a renowned family-grown producer from the Willamette Valley.

Their innovative Shape Tasting method was essential to the development of this new release, with Dominio IV’s Founder Patrick Reuter painting the sensory experience of tasting the whiskey, presenting the tasting notes as flavours and aromas as they unfold in real time.

The Whisky Club, Australia’s biggest community of whisky lovers, will be the only destination in the world for people to get their hands on the result, with Patrick’s Shape Taste drawings featured on the Cascadia Creative Series gift boxes.

The Westward Whiskey Dominio IV Tempranillo Single Barrel at cask strength is made from scratch with its signature Westward Whiskey American Single Malt.

The team at the Westward Distillery begin by brewing an artisanal American ale, using locally sourced two-row barley, ale yeast and a slow, low temperature fermentation process. The whiskey is then distilled twice in custom low-reflux post stills, designed to create a robust spirit that is incredibly flavourful and bold.

Westward is then matured in new, lightly charred American Oak barrels before being transferred at cask strength into freshly emptied Dominio IV Tempranillo French Oak Wine Casks. The whiskey is then finished for an additional year, benefiting from Oregon’s seasons to deliver a complex, layered and balanced whiskey collaboration.

Munroe said, “The Dominio IV Tempranillo vineyard on the east of the Cascade Range produces incredibly robust grapes that perfectly matches the fruit-forward flavours of Westward Whiskey.

“Because of this, we knew that finishing our Westward Whiskey at cask strength in their Tempranillo barrels would be the ideal flavour pairing and make for an extraordinary first expression to launch the Cascadia Creative Series in Australia, handpicked exclusively by The Whisky Club for its members.”

The re-release of the Westward Whiskey Dominio IV Pinot Noir Single Barrel at cask strength comes after a positive response to the release in Australia, which previously sold out in record time through The Whisky Club in January 2020.

Another exclusive Single Barrel at cask-strength, this unique drop is finished for 19 months in French Oak Pinot Noir Barrels from Dominio IV Wines, which complements the fruity and earthy flavour profiles Westward is renowned for.

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