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Whiskey fans in Alabama line up for rare bottles

So, what did you do over the weekend? Recently, APR Gulf coast correspondent Lynn Oldshue visited the ABC store in Fairhope where rare bottles of Bourbon had people waiting in line for days. Fans of limited release whiskeys arrived as early as last Wednesday for the weekend release. They camped out in cars and RVs for bottles running over a thousand dollars. Some drink it, some serve it to friends, and some sell it. Thomas Lee and Heather Taylor say it was worth the wait…

“It’s like a tailgate at football games. Some of these people will tailgate and they’ll eat and drink and play cards. When we got here, there were people out there in the parking lot playing cards and had a grill going,” said Thomas Less.

“A lot of them will bring different bottles of bourbon so that everybody can kind of sample,” added his wife, Heather. “Most everybody out there last night had a bottle of bourbon, a different kind. So everybody could share it.”

Stories are told of helping each other out or bottles accidentally dropped on the way to the parking lot. There are also complaints of the line getting longer each year. Thomas Lee says some buy for themselves or to share with friends, others buy the bottles to sell.

“I describe this as Beanie Babies for adults now, but it’s boozy Beanie Babies because it’s the same craze,” said Lee.

However they use it, many say they will be back in line next year.

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