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Whiskey Review: Borrowed Page American Whiskey Volume 1

Editor’s Note: This whiskey was provided to us as a review sample by American Mash & Grain. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review. 

Four established distilleries across the country join forces to showcase how the American whiskey category is not one to discount. Some may frown upon this catch all category, for it is one that distilleries often turn to when they deem their whiskey doesn’t fit into one of the established TTB categories.

This particular American whiskey is the first “volume” of a limited series that will be released to highlight craft distilleries across the country. The four distilleries featured in the first round are Watershed Distillery in Columbus, Ohio; Spirits of French Lick in West Baden Springs, Indiana; Wigle Whiskey in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; and Whiskey Del Bac in Tucson, Arizona.  A whiskey from each distillery was shipped to the Bluegrass Bottling Company in Stanford, Kentucky, where the four were blended together. Each whiskey plays a role in the overall profile, and the distilleries’ names are displayed front and center on the bottle to ensure they are credited in a way they deserve.

The founders of American Mash & Grain, Devin Ershow & Chase Langdon, started this journey with a mutual love for whiskey and desire to shine a light on the distilleries within the American Craft Whiskey movement. Ershow has experience in the industry having worked at multiple distilleries, and is also decorated with whiskey educational awards. Langdon’s keen ability for storytelling helps to connect consumers with each distillery.

I can be a sucker for storytelling, but American Mash & Grain doesn’t focus solely on the narrative. It uses it as a tool to elevate a category and change the minds of those who look down their nose at it, encouraging them to give it a chance. This first volume is a heavy hitter, leaving a long lasting impression that keeps the taster excited for the next volume — and the next. 

Borrowed Page review

Borrowed Page (image via American Mash & Grain)

Tasting Notes: American Mash & Grain Borrowed Page American Whiskey Volume 1

Vital Stats: 116.88 Proof. Mash bill: 34% Watershed bourbon, 32% Wigle Monongahela rye, 24% Spirits of French Lick Lee Sinclair bourbon, 10% Whiskey Del Bac mesquite smoked single malt.  Price is $75 and is exclusively sold on the American Mash & Grain website.

Appearance: Viscosity is thick, with legs teasing the taster as it takes its time to slowly expose itself. Golden and bold chestnut in color. 

Nose: A sharp citrus peel, almost medicinal with a touch of smoke.  Then rounds out to a floral cream maple donut.

Palate: The initial welcome was subtle but then, similar to some sneaky wasabi hiding in nigiri, the heat detonates. My eyes may have watered, and right when I was convinced that it would never end, it mellowed out. But it doesn’t dismiss itself promptly. The sharp heat takes its time on the way out, making sure you’ll never forget it was there. The initial warm bourbon hug of creamy butterscotch makes a quick switch to a heated peppery citrus peel with a hint of smoke. Then an elongated mint finish cools off the fire.

With the majority of the mash bill being mostly bourbon, one would think the welcoming front would last through the finish, but then you are quickly reminded of the proof and how the rye and single malt play just as much of a part in the journey too. Surprising, the mouthfeel is silky after the initial shock to the palate. 

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