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PiggyBack Bourbon

Vermont distillery WhistlePig Whiskey, known for its ryes, has expanded into the bourbon realm with PiggyBack Bourbon. (Photo: WhistlePig Whiskey)

WhistlePig Whiskey has unveiled PiggyBack Bourbon, a bourbon counterpart to its well-known PiggyBack Rye, The Spirits Business reported Tuesday.

Piggyback 100 Proof Bourbon will be the first bourbon release from the Vermont-based brand renowned for its rye whiskeys.

“We’ve always been big on innovation and trying new things at WhistlePig, and we’ve been experimenting with Bourbon for years,” WhistlePig head blender Meghan Ireland told The Spirits Business. “We always joke that a lot of places in Kentucky have a rye month, but we have Bourbon month up here [in Vermont], where we play with different Bourbon mash bills one month a year.

“Bourbon is something we’ve been playing with for years, but now we finally have the inventory and the blend that we think is 100% delicious and that we’re super proud of, and we’re excited to give it up to the world.”

WhistlePig describes PiggyBack Bourbon as sweet, despite its 50% ABV making it more powerful than the average bourbon.

“For someone who is used to drinking WhistlePig Rye, this is significantly sweeter, just as a Bourbon would be, but we put a drop of rye in it so there’s a bit of spice at the end, as well as really nice vanilla and caramel notes,” Ireland said. “We’re super excited to get it out there.”

WhistlePig Piggyback 100 Proof Bourbon Whiskey will be available via e-commerce sites in select markets across the U.S. beginning August 30. It will retail at a suggested retail price of $49.99 per 750-milliliter bottle.

To celebrate the launch of its first bourbon, WhistlePig will tour its Maple Sugaring Shack from Vermont across the U.S., pouring WhistlePig’s signature barrel-aged maple syrup cocktails in Austin and Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and Tampa, Florida this fall, according to The Spirits Business.

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