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Why Is Blanton’s Bourbon So Difficult To Find?

Rumors of Blanton’s Single Barrel showing up in a store can create feverish lines outside overnight. This element of scarcity — the thrill of the chase — for many, adds to the product’s appeal. According to Find Me A Brewery, the bourbon is tricky to get a hold of for various reasons. For one thing, Blanton’s Single Barrel takes a lot of time and care to produce. Add to that the distribution issues caused by the pandemic and U.S. liquor laws preventing a direct-to-consumer sales model, and you’ve got more demand for this bourbon than supply.  

Uproxx suggests various strategies for getting your hands on a bottle. One is to keep your eye on online alcohol stores like Drizly, even setting up alerts for when it goes on sale on their site. You’ve also got the option of hunting down bottles from internet resellers, marked up at a premium, mind you. You can also visit the distillery in Kentucky, but check the website in advance to make sure it’s in the store. If you’re really committed, you could find an airport selling it duty-free, reserve a bottle in advance, and hop on a flight.

Failing those tricks, Uproxx suggests a old-fashioned neighborly approach — find a liquor store near you that stocks it, make friends with the manager, then ask for a bottle to be set aside when it comes in. You never know — you might get lucky. ‘Till then, happy hunting.

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