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Why Is the Donald Trump Wine and Whiskey Bar Deserted?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is pictured during a ceremony for the opening of the Trump International Hotel & Tower Las Vegas April 11, 2008, in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

In November of last year, former U.S. President Donald Trump opened a bar inside of Trump Tower in New York City. 45 Wine & Whiskey Bar — the name a reference to Trump being the 45th president — recently celebrated the anniversary of its opening, but questions have been posed regarding how much business the bar truly gets.

Earlier this month, Emily Colucci of “Filthy Dreams” published an article titled “What The Hell Is Going On At Trump Tower?” Colucci described the tower as “seemingly abandoned.” She made her way to the bar, but it was closed 40 minutes after its scheduled opening time. Colucci noted that there were no staff members in sight, and a mop bucket sat next to the bar, in plain site from the roped-off entrance.

The bar appears to be open based on its Instagram page, where it posted earlier this month that it would host a Champagne tasting for its anniversary. It’s unclear what sort of foot traffic the bar is getting, but based on Colucci’s experience, it doesn’t seem like much.

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The last time the bar’s Instagram account published a post that shows more than one person in the bar was in early June.

The most infamous item on the menu at 45 is a $45 cocktail called the “Forty-Five” (essentially a basic Old Fashioned), which is accompanied by Diet Coke, said to be one of Trump’s favorite drinks, and a side of beef sliders.

In September, MSNBC noted that the bar — which is jam-packed with Trump memorabilia — features a folder labeled “classified” on display, prompting questions about whether this is a document taken from the White House, similar to the ones found by the FBI at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home.

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On Tuesday, Trump announced that he will again run for president in 2024 after losing to Joe Biden in 2020.

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